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To me, the most amazing fragrance ever was the scent that would greet anyone whoever walked into my mother’s apartment.

Without a doubt that would be the first thing that you would notice the moment you walk through her door.

“Damn, how does she do that?”…

…were my husband’s first words after he unlocked her door and entered her apartment for the first time since our arrival in Vermont.

To me, it was no big secret.

All you needed was a closet to the immediate left of the main entrance door.  Then you would stock this closet to the brim with the finest aromatically provocative fabric softeners, detergents, and room fresheners that money could buy.

Let me tell you that these fragrances were so incredible and powerful that after we returned home with the boxes of Mother’s clothes and blankets we could still smell her apartment in our own house for two days.

I considered it as a parting gift from mother.