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Now a little bit about the man who became the love of my Mother’s life:

His name was Jim, and he married my Mother in 1974.

I first met him in 1972, when he and my Mother came to Toronto for a visit.

I loved him from the first moment I met him.

Five years later, Jim was the one who gave me away when I got married.

He was so proud on that day. He insisted on practicing the wedding march over and over again. He always said to begin the march with the left foot, for luck.

Years later, he proudly confessed to me that I was the easiest thing that he has ever had to give away.

And how we laughed as he repeated this to me over and over again down through the years.

Well, in November 2009 as I visited him in the Respite House we shared the story for one last time. He was very ill and we both knew our parting hug and kiss would be the final one that we would ever share.

“See you … sometime,” he said as I pulled away to go.

I could not speak.

He passed away a little over a month later.

That was over four years ago, and the pain of losing him is still heart rending.

But in the end, what brings me joy and contentment was that through chance, he had met my Mother, fallen in love and married her.

In turn, I had been well loved and cared for by a man who had insisted that although I was not of his body, I had nevertheless grown in his heart.

Maybe I was the easiest thing that he ever had to give away.

However, if he’s listening and watching over me, I want him to know right now that I can do him one better.

Giving my heart to him, was by far, the easiest thing that I have ever done.


Footnote: The smaller picture you see below the larger one is my Mother’s Father, my Grandfather who was a Baptist minister.  He is currently singing tenor in the heavenly choir.