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Now you may wonder as you begin reading this blog post as to why I am writing about my Father instead of my Mother.

The symmetry is to be revealed soon… just trust me.

Now, let us begin…

One of my earliest memories about my Father was his stamp collection. I must have been around four years old or so when I began to wonder why he sat at the kitchen table for so long when it wasn’t even mealtime.

He would spend about one day each month pouring over his stamps. First he would spread them all out across the kitchen table. And then for hours with his arms crossed on the table he would just sit and stare at them.

I just didn’t get it.


So now let’s fast forward to my early twenties. That’s when I noticed that I seem to attract postage stamps. People kept giving me commemoratives sets as gifts or I would be given deceased family members stamp collections.

Being the sentimentalist that I am, I could not refuse.

The next thing I knew was that I found myself looking over the stamps under the glass counter as I waited in line at the post office. Then from time to time I would begin to purchase the prettier sets of stamps.

Canada does have some very lovely stamps you know.

After I had accumulated a beginner sized collection, I purchased a stamp album and started filling it.

At about that time I started working at the post office. I always always kept my eye out for some of the prettier stamps to add to my collection.

Once at work I even won a raffle for a basket which contained about $200 worth of stamp collectibles and added it to my own.

Still, I was feeling rather mystified as to why I found myself collecting stamps. What was I going to do with them? They really couldn’t be considered an investment.
Certainly my children would want nothing to do with my stamp collection.

Now, I always found it rather sad when at work I saw a beautiful vintage and pristine postage stamp on an envelope that was a utility bill to pay the phone, hydro or gas. I figured that some poor widow found her deceased husband’s old stamp collection and decided to put it to good use. I could even imagine some sort of satisfaction on her part to finally being able to get rid of them. This would be especially true if he spent his time with his stamps instead of spending time with his wife.

And then there was the worry about my stamp collection getting stolen. Indeed, I know many people who had break-ins and oddly enough their stamp collections would always be among the stolen items.

It’s easy to understand this when you consider that stamp collections can easily run into hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

So with all that being said what was I going to do with all these stamps?

The answer finally came to me during December 2012.