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Mother and I both had our share of lumps in the past

Breast lumps that is.

I believe she had her first lumpectomy sometime during the 1980’s and I had mine in 1992.

Hers was benign and mine was pre-malignant.

It was about 2009 when Mother told me that she had discovered another lump.

I asked her why she had not had it looked at.

“Too busy,” was her response.

My Uncle had been diagnosed with cancer several years prior and Mother was of course doing what she could to help him stay on course with his treatments and care.

Sadly, he passed away in May 2005.

It was about that time that her husband Jim began his battle with cancer.

Now taking care of a loved one with cancer is all consuming. Doctors appointments, prescriptions, treatments and ongoing care is endless.

Despite all that, the inevitable finally happened and Jim passed away January 12, 2010.

It was a painful loss for all who loved him.

Yes, he was that special.

After that it took many discussions, lots of prodding and even arguments to get Mother to see the doctor to have that lump looked at.

And of course, when she did it came as no surprise that it was cancerous. However, it spite of the size of the lump, it was only at stage two.

I told her that God had been very kind to her.

About two months later she was diagnosed with uterine cancer.

My frustration hit it’s peak when she told me that she did not want any chemotherapy. Every time the subject came up Mother was adamant to change the subject.

I knew then, that this was the beginning of the end.

The dreaded clock had started ticking.

It was the fall of 2012.