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This photo was taken during my visit to my Mother’s in March 2013.

Notice the snow.

Unexpected yes, but then I have learned always to expect the unexpected when visiting Mother.

With one exception maybe… And it is a most pleasant exception at that.

Quiet time.

I look forward to quiet time with healthy helping of Mother-Daughter chats lovingly folded in.
As it happens, I will find myself there once again in a little over two weeks time.

I’ve asked her to have her usual supply of avocados and tomatoes handy…

To this day, there is nothing that she loves more than cooking for me. And although I try to dissuade her into keeping meals simple, she insists on fussing over finite details in regards to spicing and preparation, the likes I have not seen since I was a child.

And I find myself so grateful to her for this.

And her cooking and quiet time is not all that I look forward to…

Across the way from her is one of my favourite little stores.

On the outside it is just your average little typical American drug store.

But to me… It’s a wee bit more.

I can easily lose myself as I walk down the tiny little aisles packed with sundries that I have come to love and seem to purchase only there.

Like the sparkly stained glass hairpins that come in shades of pink or blue….

Like the box of nail polish remover pads that come in individually wrapped packages…

Like the small journals with wide open blank pages inviting me to fill them with all the details of my daily life…

And the Jesus Chocolate… Yes, I have even found Jesus Chocolate, that is, bars of plain chocolate with the approving countenance of Jesus on the outside wrapper as if he is giving his blessing to the indulging of the chocolate along with the promise that it’s caloric content will not be held against you.

And the happiness does not end with my shopping spree.

For I know that upon my return, Mother will insist that I sit down and describe in detail each item that was purchased as I pull them out one by one from my shopping bag.

Then, as I’m packing my new acquisitions back into their respective bags…

Mother will decide that it’s time to feed me….



And that’s where the avocados and tomatoes come in handy.