Mother loved her vegetables.

You would think that chopping them up was her favourite past time.

And oh…. how she loved to sneak up behind you in the kitchen so that the second you turned around she would unexpectedly pop a piece of freshly sliced vegetable into your unsuspecting mouth.

Hearts of lettuce was usually her weapon of choice.

No word of a lie.

Just ask anyone who ever spent 20 minutes in the kitchen with her.

And then there were the store bought canned vegetables she would stock up on. Usually they would include corn, peas, and green beans. On occasion it would be hearts of palm.

Mother never used canned vegetables for family meals but rather saved them for our TV snacks.

Just thinking on how often we would be watching television while we shared a can of corn gets me all misty.

I think it would be safe to say that her love of vegetables came from her mother, my grandmother.

She too, chopped up a pretty mean salad.

My grandmother loved parsley. However, it took me awhile to acquire the taste for it.

Whenever we found ourselves at a restaurant my Grandmother would always ask me for my small parsley garnish. As I handed it to her she would tell me that it was very good for the kidneys.

Now that she’s gone I proudly carry on that tradition.

Further, Mother used to have a parsley bush right outside of her back door. She could not walk past it without plucking a few stems and then popping them into her mouth.

Eventually I found myself doing that as well.

So don’t be surprised if he ever find yourself in a restaurant with me and you see me pointing my finger at your parsley garnish and asking you:

“Are you going to eat that?”