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When I was a teenager my Mother hated rock music.


She was more into Perry Como, Tom Jones with a little Enya and a sprinkling of pan flute on the side.

I’m sure that you don’t really find that surprising.

Case in point:

Back in the 1970’s probably one of the most popular music bands of the decade was Aerosmith. The moment that Steve Tyler’s voice came on the radio while mother was driving she would change the radio station before you could say…

‘Jenny’s Got A Gun’.

Okay now fast-forward 40 or so years:

At this point in time Mother is all about the TV show called American Idol.

To her this show is like manna from heaven.

Personally I’ve never really watched it but I would let Mother rant about it anyway.

Each week she would ask me if I’ve caught the latest episode.

And each week I would answer no.

To be honest I was rather bitter about this show.

How often had my husband and I visited the grand old Opry in Nashville anticipating stage appearances from the classic Country and Western music stars, only to see American idol rejects.

And then there was the American Idol season when Aerosmith lead singer Steve Tyler comes on board as one of the new judges.

Well, from that moment on she was convinced that Steve Tyler was the “Bee’s Knees’ of the entire show.

When she told me about how “Cute and Adorable” he was I calmly reminded her that forty years ago, she would have nothing to do with him.

She dismissively shrugged me off.

I really hated it when she did that.

And then there was the 2011 season when Scotty McCreery appeared as a contestant.

She honestly tried to convince me that this boy was the greatest country music singer…


In response to this blasphemous statement I answered her using Steven Tyler’s own words:

“Dream On!”