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Maybe the most important advice that my Mother ever gave me did not come in the form of a

….”Let’s sit down and talk” request or

…Verbal admonition or

…A reprimand.

Not even by way of the dreaded

…”I told you so.”

It came in the form of a small decorative wooden plaque.

It was about the size of a regular business envelope. The quotation was engraved in beautifully scripted gold lettering.

The inscription read:

“Take good care of your future, because that is where you will spend the rest of your life.”

I was able to immediately sense the truth in this little proverb.

During my teenage years there were times I stared at that plaque long and hard as it stood atop my bedroom dresser.

More than once those very words kept me from falling own that slippery slope when I felt myself perched on what could be a life altering decision.

This saying eventually became my mantra and has stayed with me from the teenage years right through to my adult life.

I would offer these words repeatedly to anyone who was willing to listen…

….especially my own girls,

….even when they didn’t want to listen.

And now, it has been my great pleasure to have been able to share it with you as well!