I was born Irmgard Doris Schon.

During my life this has confused a lot of people because I am more commonly known by my middle name Doris.

When people ask why I don’t use Irmgard, I just tell them that it doesn’t roll off the English tongue quite as easily as Doris does.

It only took about six months before my parents realized that it took people on the average about three tries to get the name pronunciation of ‘Irmgard’ right.

That’s when they started calling me by my middle name.

By the way, there was another very famous Doris way back in the day… Doris Day.

As a little girl, whenever I asked my Mother a question about whether we can visit here or there, or maybe buy this or that.

I knew what her answer would be before I had even finished the question…

She’d let out a heavy sigh, and then sing to me:

“Que sera sera.. (whatever will be, will be)”

Just like the Doris day song first published in 1956.

Hearing her sing those few words meant my request had just been answered by a resounding “NO”.

I heard her repeat that song to me over and over again up until only a year or so ago.

It was then that I finally confessed to Mother that I had really grown to hate that song.

She seemed rather surprised by my revelation, however she kindly obliged me by never singing it to me ever again.

And I have painfully missed hearing her sing that song to me ever since.