Even at the tender age of four years old I was well aware that my mother had the hots for another man.

It was Dr. Kildare.

She never missed an episode of the popular early 1960’s television show. Richard Chamberlain was the actor who played Dr. Kildare.

Come to think of it, I must have had a bit of a crush on him myself because he was the very first man that I ever considered to be good-looking.

I must say that mother set many high bars in my young life and looking back it’s interesting for me to notice now that this was the first one. Even through my teenage years I aspired to find a boyfriend as cute as he was.

I well remember the day that mother was admitted into a Toronto hospital to have her appendix removed. As she, my father and I waited for the surgeon to come and see her she confessed to us “I sure hope it’s Dr. Kildare”. Upon hearing this my father rolled his eyes. I could see though that he wasn’t overly concerned. He knew he had nothing to worry about.

Certainly my mother would never meet the good doctor Kildare.

Or would she?