If you were to ask me who my favourite actor is my answer would be Philip Seymour Hoffman.

And now, we’ve learned of the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, the result of a possible drug overdose.

He was only fourty-six.

My daughter is a registered nurse and counsels people who come for help in how to deal with substance  abuse and addictions.  She tells me that people are often searching for the same high they encountered in their first drug experience.

She called this “Chasing the Green Dragon”.

I believe that all of us have or have had at least one green dragon or vice in our life, be it drugs, gambling, alcohol, smoking, or a multitude of other behaviours and traits that can easily wind up to be all consuming.

Some of us chase the Green Dragon.

Some of us try to run away from it.

And we never know what’s around the proverbial corner, or what day will be our last.

Not me, not you, not even the man upstairs.

And I only say that because God gave us freedom of choice.

And so, we make good choices…

not so good choices…

and bad choices.

I’m grateful that during my life, I could call Philip Seymore Hoffman my favourite actor, and that I will always have his movies at hand to enjoy again and again.

I only hope that in death he found the peace of mind that had eluded him in life.

Further, I believe that everyone deserves peace of mind while they are still among the living.

May we all find peace of mind…

…and may all of your dragons be banishable ones…