Did you like the movie… “Eat, Pray, Love”?

Well… I didn’t.

In fact I usually refer to this movie as:

“Eat, Pray, Throw Up.”

There was however one redeeming quality to this movie.

It was when Julia Robert’s character described to us:

‘Dolce far niente…’

Are you familiar with this Italian term?

Literally, this translates into…

‘The Sweetness of Doing Nothing.’

According to Merriam-Webster Online:

dol·ce far nien·te. noun \ˈdōl-chē-ˌfär-nē-ˈen-tē\.

Definition of DOLCE FAR NIENTE: Pleasant relaxation in carefree idleness.

Which is pretty well what we have been doing here in Florida for the last several days.

Indeed, it is a week since I’ve worn any makeup. The last time I used a blow dryer on my hair was when I got ready for my last shift at work. It’s nice change to be able to let the sun dry it.

We’ve been whiling away the hours by sleeping in, drinking long, leisurely cups of coffee and watching palm trees sway in the wind.

Of course there has been the obligatory stop at a shopping outlet or two.

On our first day, Jen secured a pair of silver pumps.

I find them tacky, gawdy, and completely over the top.

Which of course means that they are perfect for Florida.

In facts while we were out today she received two compliments on them while we were having breakfast at Cracker Barrel.

I couldn’t believe my ears, but then again, this is Florida.

Well, on the serious side, let me tell you that I am very grateful to my husband that he was able to scrape together the means to let us make this holiday possible and I mean to take nothing for granted.

I appreciate every palm tree that I see, as well as every warm breeze that goes by.

Life is indeed good this day.