Do you remember a few things that you have missed since childhood?

A particular candy?

Favourite toy?

Invisible friend maybe?

Yes, well I have a few things that I find myself as well.

Time and again they will come to mind.

And after being lost in a few moments of reminiscing,
With a heavy sigh I will dismiss the thoughts of yesteryear
keenly aware that…

“All things come to pass.”

However, I try to never lose hope that somewhere, somehow, I will have an opportunity to enjoy them once again.

For me, three things come to mind:

1. My Mother’s coffee cake with the fluted edges and mocha butter icing.

2. The Tosca cologne which my Grandmother always gave me for my birthday.
I wore it on my wedding day.

3. The original scent of Jergens hand cream.
It was the only hand cream that I remember as a child

In fact, when I travelled to German with my Mother, it was give to me as a gift.

Imagine my pleasant surprise that while shopping yesterday I finally came across a bottle of Jergens original scent hand cream.

Sure,the packaging was different, but I didn’t care.

Several hours later as I dabbed some in the palm of my hand, I recognized the sweet almondy fragrance.

And all at once….

I was six years old again.

I love it when that happens….