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When I go away on a trip I know I can count on two things.

1. I will forget something at home.
2. I will forget something else in the hotel room.

It’s no big deal to me anymore.

I know it will happen.

In fact, it’s become a sort of a game with me.

I’ve come to reconcile myself with the facts that:

a) If I’ve forgotten it, it’s not that important.
b) Most things can be easily replaced with a trip to the store.

Indeed, before leaving the house, I ritualistically ( if not obsessively) check and re-check to make sure that I have brought the items that are necessary for my ongoing survival.

These items include:


There are other items of course, but those are the main chorus to my

“Forget-Me-Not Mantra”

I can always count on forgetting something…

Thankfully, it’s been a while since I’ve forgotten anything serious which cannot be replaced by a quick trip to the convenience store.

And so, it was about one hour into the trip when a forgotten item suddenly popped into mind:

A pair of freshly washed hand knit wool socks that I had left on the dryer to dry.

Now before you get all smirky on me, let me tell you that nothing says…


After a long and weary day’s drive like getting your toes into a soft and warm pair of socks.

The same applies to forgetting things in the hotel room.

This time, the unintended victim was my magic bag pillow which was stuffed inside a green pillowcase. Magic bag being a bean bag of sorts which can be heated or chilled and used as a hot/cold pack.

Now, before your eyes begin welling up with tears let me just say that I am not upset about this loss….

It was several years old, and needed replacing.


And after spending twenty plus hours in the car over the past three days….

That’s pretty close to how my back feels right now…