It was with some trepidation that Jen, Frank and myself sat in the customs lineup waiting for the impending interrogation of the customs agent.

Our passports were not the source of our concern. Nor the purchased bottles of alcohol or carton of cigarettes.

It was the dogs we were worried about.

I keenly remember waiting in a similar lineup not too long ago as we were coming back to Canada after visiting my Mother in Vermont after Christmas.

The car in front of us had just pulled into to customs bay for inspection.

No sooner had the driver rolled down his window, and extended his arm to hand over his passport when his dog’s head suddenly lunged out and tried to snap the awaiting customs agent arm.

Needless to say, the car was pulled over for a bad doggy behaviour time out.

I am very happy to report that our fears were all for naught as the dogs did not make one sound nor twitch as much as a fuzzy whisker throughout the entire questioning procedure.

And so it continued for about another half hour after gaining entrance into the States.

The blissful quiet was suddenly shattered when all of a sudden Sophie let out a loud series of yips and yaps while lunging towards the cars back left window where Jennifer had been quietly sitting and musing to herself.

I turned around quickly to assess what on earth had possessed her to become so suddenly undone.

At this point she was pawing wildly at the back window, as if she was desperately trying to reach for someone or something.

Following her intense gaze my eyes met up with a large white wooden advertising sign.

The sign said:


No word of a lie.


You tell me……