Although the Thanksgiving holiday is behind us, I beg you, my gentle readers to allow me to add a few addendums on this most remarkable day.

Firstly I would like to express that today I am thankful that my Mother’s test results came back with excellent results.

One year has past since her surgery and it looks like we still have a lot of good times ahead of us where she will be in good health.

Secondly, today I got ten hours sleep. I am very thankful for that too!

Next, daughter Jen surprised me with cabbage rolls from German deli for dinner.


And. Lastly, dogs Sophie and Bobby allowed me to hold them both in my arms (at the same mind you) while we sat on the couch after dinner for a whole twenty minutes… Before they begged off.

And so that was my day…

And I hope that your day brought you at least as much joy as mine did.

Until my next post….