I told my daughter two days ago, that I was preparing this blog as an ongoing effort to keep friends and loved ones informed as to what was transpiring in our family.

(And let me tell you, there will be a lot of transpiring going on…. )

“That’s going to be a lot of work!” Was her response.

No duh!

However I have the advantage of an enormity of things to write about.

The problem is getting it posted while before one thing leads to another….

And let me tell you…

One thing ALWAYS leads to another.

My problem in the past has been that the motivation to write always hits when it is inappropriate to do so…
Work, driving, during errands and such.

I think I’ve found the blog program that will fit me best, where I can effortlessly post to the web.

Well… We shall see.


I am very mindful of the fact that your time is valuable to you.

Let me tell you now, that I will always be very grateful to you for allowing my words to fall under your eye from time to time.

My goal is to keep posts to about 300 to 500 words… Because that is my limit when I’m reading a blog post before my mind starts to wander followed by a glazing of the eyes….

And thankfully, daughter Jen had a fresh journal handy the other day before I left for work.

To me, a fresh journal is the first building block in any successful writing venture.

As for the second building block to keep this proverbial blogging train on the tracks…

Well… I’ll get to that tomorrow.

Until the next post…